Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 Goals

I’ve realized that I did not post my new goals for 2018.  It's taken a few days of writing a sentence or two here and there, so here goes, in no particular order:

1) Do me.   This may seem selfish, but I don’t mean for it to. I just mean that I’m gonna stop worrying about what someone else thinks about how I parent/dress/wear my makeup, etc.  I’m getting to old to keep worrying about this stuff.

2) Simplify/Change Routine I really need to stop stressing about routine down to the minute. It’s taken me all of Liv's kindergarten and half of first grade year to realize that I don't have to be in the drop off line before school opens.
I've also realized that it's OK to not have the dishwasher loaded within fifteen minutes of being home. I know, it's ridiculous. I'm working on it.
This also means that we may not make every birthday party or event and that will have to be ok.

Oh yea, and I'm buying uncrustables for my kids' lunches now too. My kids get a pbj sandwich in their lunch every Monday.  I never can get that peanut butter to jelly ratio right and just tear the bread or it runs out. I'm over that! It’s gross anyway.

3) Only cook a couple major meals a week.  I'm from a family where you ate home-cooked meals and eating out was a big deal.  Our little family operates similarly, but that may change.  I need more time in the evenings to just talk to my little ones.  So, Martinez, be prepared!  I'm planning for 2, maybe 3 home-cooked meals a week.  It'll be cereal, fend for yourself, or find something in the freezer otherwise.

4)  More intentional time with my family.  This goes in line with #3.  I still need to focus on intentional, deliberate time with my family.  Less social media when I am with them, less texting, reading or whatever.  I need to limit distractions.

5) Read scripture/pray more.  I have to do this.  I'm going to work harder on making time and focusing on this.

6) Embrace my lip dipπŸ’„πŸ’„.  When The DeShazo reads this, she's going to laugh.
It's no secret... I LOVE lipstick.   Because The Deshazo and I discuss nearly everything, my lips and lipstick have been a topic many times.  I have the thinnest lips ever.  It breaks my heart that have the tiniest of lips in which to spread my precious Ruby Woo lipstick.  Further, I have a strange lip dip (assuming it's called a lip dip). It's too deep.

This was the look I was going for:

 You may recognize this actress from the show Quantico.  I discussed my wishes for having lips like these to The DeShazo, who quickly let me know that I'd need botox for this situation.

My MAC lipstick is my favorite piece of makeup.  So naturally, in an effort to provide more surface area to smear that lipstick, I took matters into my own hands and made a new lip dip.

As you can see, it didn't quite work.

Thus, I'm gonna embrace the lip dip I have and leave well enough alone.

I suppose now would be a good time to tell you that I appeared at work a few times with some strange outlines around my lips for enlargement purposes.  The DeShazo and I shared many laughs about that.

If you would like an update to the 25lb bag of flour I accidentally ordered on the Walmart Grocery App...

I stripped out the gears or something like that in my mixer attempting to do some baking and I need a new one!  I'll also confess now that I wasn't even out of flour to begin with. 

 But hey, that buttercream icing was finished and that's what counts.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Update on Goals

And once again, the blog returns.

The DeShazo thought that the two of us should update the world, a/k/a our loyal few readers, on our new year goals......from 2016.

I'm a tad behind, so here goes:

GOALS (from 2016)

1) I want to lose 15 more pounds.  Let's be real- I need to lose another 30, but I'm not gonna work out to do it.  I'd rather clean toilets that don't belong to me than to do that.

 I totally did this !  I ended up losing 23 pounds! Of course now, I want to lose 23 more.

But then there's cake.

2) Quit the skipping of church service. After I had B and was bf, it became a habit to leave church after SS so that I could pump.....but it stayed around.  That extra hour was so nice that we just sort of let it happen too much.  We've been trying to rectify the error of our ways, but we could get better.  There's no excuse. We know better.  I don't want to put a number on it....but I'm saying no more than 10 skips this year.  I can see some of ya'll's eyes  are popping out of your heads because you can't fathom how we can even miss that much.  Keep your judgments to yourselves! Vacations, sick days with kids- it can add up quickly.  This goal is to keep us from lazily skipping service.

We did it ! We are back in the swing of things.  
I'm gonna take a minute to throw a shout out to our church.  Country Estates Baptist Church is awesome.   We have some of the best people at our church.  They love the Lord and they love people.  I have made such sweet friends here.  If you need a place to feel loved, to worship, and to learn, check us out.  You won't regret it.

3) Daily Bible Reading - The DeShazo and I are going to read Jesus Is Calling this year.  I've seen posts about how this is a bad devotional book- and I've seen posts raving about it. We shall see.

Fat Failure.  In the beginning.....
I started out ok.  I think I made it maybe 3 weeks.  I couldn't focus on the Jesus is Calling devotional.  I know so many people that love it. I felt like it was basically saying the same thing everyday...and maybe that's the point?  I don't know.  The DeShazo would ask me what I thought about a specific day's devotional and all I could tell her was something about the valley, paths, and the mountains.  I don't even know if I read those words?!!!  

I need a different way...feel free to throw out suggestions.

4) The DeShazo and I have talked for a few years about copying Mix and Match Mama's Holiday Party.  We are making that party happen December 2017.

Failed ! We bailed on that so fast!!
We went for coffee instead.

5) I never remember in time to do Christmas cards.  I'll also confess that sometimes I just haven't wanted too- but 2017- I'm making the effort.

Failed.  I'm cracking up right now at the thought that I might actually get around to this.  I must have been feeling inspired and motivated when I said that.

6) Spend less money on material things for my kids and more on experiences for them.

Definitely improved on this!

7) Manage my time a little more efficiently at home- which means phone time needs to cease.

Made some improvements- but a long way to go.

8) Clean out the attic.  It's scary up there.

Success, thanks to CEBC's mission Orlando fundraiser!

9) Potty train Beckham. I've been warned by many that the little fellas aren't as easy to potty train as girls- so I'm trying to prepare myself that I may not make it before age two like Livi- but I'm still going to make the effort.


That is all.

10)  Work out 10 minutes a week.  This is from The Deshazo.  I tried to convince her to do 10 minutes a month- but I failed. She also advised that cleaning house didn't count- because we used to text each other early in the morning to get up and work out- and while she was exercising I was mopping floors.

Yeah right.  This girl ain't working out 10 minutes anytime.

Although, The DeShazo is making me do 30 squats a day.
I'm currently struggling to sit on the toilet properly, as I tried to be an over-achiever the last 2 days and do 50 a day.  I'm forced to fall back on the toilet at the moment because it hurts to sit. 
You are welcome for that visual, folks.

I decided that I could do these squats while my food is being microwaved at work. That would give me incentive.  Do squats... then more squats.... then eat. It's perfect.

That's enough of my rambling. You can check out The DeShazo's update here.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

3rd Thoughtful Thursday

It's time for the 3rd Thoughtful Thursday with The DeShazo, with the 3rd set of random questions.

41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? -Nope

42.  Which are better:  legos or lincoln logs? -I have no idea

43.  Are you stubborn? -Maybe. Probably.  Definitely, yes.

44.  Who is better:  Leno or Letterman?  -I'm asleep when they are on.  Aren't they both retired now?

45.  Ever watch soap operas?  -I used to watch em'.

46.  Are you afraid of heights? - I mean, I'm not gonna bungee jump. However, roller coasters or things like that don't bother me.

47.  Do you sing in the car? - Yep

48.  Do you sing in the shower? -Don't think so.

49.  Do you dance in the car? -Probably

50.  Ever used a gun? -Yep.

51.  Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?  -Last September for fall family photos.  Oh wait... maybe it was in December with Kevin's family.

52.  Do you think musicals are cheesy?  -Most of them. You ain't catching me watching the Sound of Music. Ever.

53.  Is Christmas stressful? - Some things we do around Christmas time are stressful- but I reckon those things ought to be eliminated.  The holiday, meaning and spirit of it itself are not stressful.

54.  Ever eat a pierogi? -I don't believe so since I can't even pronounce that.

55.  Favorite type of fruit pie?  -Apple with lots of cinnamon and sugar.  Unless a blackberry cobbler counts- and then let's go with that.

56.  Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? - Lawyer & teacher

57.  Do you believe in ghosts? -I believe there are things not to be dabbled in.

58.  Ever have a Deja-vu-feeling? -Yep

59.  Ever take a daily vitamin? -Nope.  (and I surely hope The DeShazo confesses all the ones she takes)

60.  Do you wear slippers? -Only when I'm not home on my own floors...and sometimes...not even then. I wonder if need those for Disney???? Oh no.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Disney, here we come!

Well folks, the Martin's are going to Disney.  It's happening. Next week.

There are approximately 500 things running through my head and I don't even know why because the planning of the trip has fallen on my dear friend, Melissa and Martinez....but mostly Melissa.
Bless their hearts.

I'm excited about having an actual vacation with my little family all together. I'm also super crazy in my head thinking of all the different scenarios of Beckham on the plane. I'm sure hoping our plane- mates are in a great mood because I've chewed my nails off thinking about it and they throb.

Months and months ago, I decided to visit Pinterest in search of Disney information.  For the record.... I knew nothing (and still don't know a lot). Only this year, have I learned that Disneyland and Disney World are different and that we would be going to the world.
Melissa has been very informative.
After sending her message after message of all these things Pinterest said I needed to know before going to Disney World, we decided it best that I keep off the internet and allow her to navigate.  She's been a pimp, on account of which, if I had to make any decisions/choices or figure this out, we would not make it there... and she's had to deal with me.
Bless her heart.

My input in this vacation planning has consisted of declaring that I will have to ride this Steven Tyler ride I've heard about, because after all, we are pretty tight (and thanks again Shaun for completing Beckham's room with Steven on the wall),

and also declaring that I want to go see all the Harry Potter stuff.  Melissa was very informative, yet again, and explained that the Harry Potter stuff is at Universal- not Disney.
I'm sure you all knew that though.

I figured a month or two ago that I would be proactive and purchase a leakproof backpack to put all our junk in at the parks.  (I remembered the "leakproof" part from my Pinterest research...I think). 
Anyway, I found this awesome deal on Amazon and my leakproof backpack arrived....with some sort of Chinese writing on the outside of it.  Whatever, man.   You'll find me wearing this backpack loud and proud- because goodness, it was such a deal. 

(I sure hope it doesn't say anything naughty.)

Oh, I was also proactive when I put the magic watches that arrived in a room and then told Melissa to remind to pack those.  She promptly corrected me and said "They are Magic Bands. Not watches".

This week has been full of nights not including sleep.  I've stared awake and woken Martinez up with thoughts and then even asking him if we can change our flights to leave earlier because I'm concerned about the lack of sleep.
He said no.
If you see me between now and next week, and I appear to be a's because sleep has been replaced with crazy vacation worries and excitement.

My thoughts are everywhere.

I'm excited and scared !

And I'll end this by saying that somebody ought to be praying for Melissa and Martinez having to deal with all thisπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Thursday, October 5, 2017

2nd Thoughtful Thursday

 It's October !!!!

We always go to the pumpkin patch the first weekend in October and I can't wait to go Saturday with my little family.

We've had a much slower week this week and I'm grateful.

 Monkey bar practice-

Played with friends-

I feel like my kiddos are too big already.  My little girl has changed so much in this last year and she seems so grown up.

And then this morning, she felt tiny again, as I discovered this...

What you are looking at is a brand new pair of shoes stained with sand/clay. It may not seem so bad in this photo, but this was after dumping out the tablespoons of SAND AND TINY LOOKING STICKS!! (I thought to take a photo after).  Liv approached me this morning and said "Mom, these socks are poking me."  I took off a shoe to adjust her socks, only to have my hands covered in SAND. I then took off the other shoe and received sand and tiny STICKS!  "LIVI, THE STICKS ARE POKING YOU! NOT SOCKS!!".  My head may have come close to an explosion, as I wondered about the transference of this sand in her closet and shoe rack. Her playground at school has wood chips, or so I thought, so I'm still not certain where this came from exactly.
In case you are wondering, she's still unsure on how that much sand "appeared" in her shoes or how tiny sticks were in there....and she also doesn't recall any sand or sticks escaping upon removing them on the last wear.
So, you'll find me with a cleaning toothbrush, baking soda, peroxide and dawn dish soap, scrubbing the insides of these shoes, because after all, we only looked at a dozen places (or more!) to find her size in the exact color she wanted.

How can he be 2 already?

He gave me lots of snuggles on Wednesday.  These days, it's a rare treat!

Today is the second set of 20 questions at random with The DeShazo.

21.)  What is your least favorite movie? -probably any Matrix movies because I just totally don't get it- or that Indiana Jones movie that Martinez made me sit through years ago with skulls swirling around in circles.

22.)  Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some? -Doesn't that defeat the point of "hidden"?

23.)  What do you drink with dinner? -Water

24.)  What do you dip a chicken nugget in? -I only eat chicken nuggets if they are from Chick-fil-a- and I'll dip those in any of their sauces- but I'll go with the Polynesian sauce.

25.)  What is your favorite food? -Dessert.  I try not to discriminate though. I love most food.

26.)  What movies could you watch over and over again and still love?   -Hocus Pocus, Steel Magnolias, Tombstone, New in Town, Fried Green Tomatoes

27.)  Last person you kissed/kissed you? -Martinez

28.) Were you ever a boy/girl scout? -Nope

29.)  Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine? -Ummm, No.  There isn't enough eye insurance in the world for the viewers to receive proper treatment after that.

30.)  When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?  -I can't remember.

31.)  Can you change the oil on a car? -Nope

32.) Ever gotten a speeding ticket? -Yep, and it left me with $161.00 less to my name.

33.)  Ever ran out of gas? -Yep, on the lawn mower. Repeatedly.

34.) What's your favorite kind of sandwich? -Anything from Napoleon's with that garlic sauce.... but probably a No. 4.

35.) Best thing to eat for breakfast? - Dessert ( and yes, I eat my "first breakfast" about 5:30am-usually a baked good.  I'll explain more about this some other time).  If it has to be a breakfast food- I'm definitely going for sausage gravy and biscuits.... and go ahead and add a slice or two of crispy bacon.

36.) What is your usual bedtime? -I like to be laying in my bed these days at 8:30pm and asleep by 9:30pm.

37.)  Are you lazy? -Nope.

38.)  When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween? - I cannot remember, which is frustrating because I love Halloween and I don't forget stuff like that.

39.) What is your Chinese astrological sign? -No clue 

40.)  How many languages can you speak? -One

 See ya next time!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

1st Thoughtful Thursday


 Hello y'all! 

The DeShazo has pressured me into resurrecting this old blog once again. By "pressured", I mean that she mentioned it many times with her most persuasive face.  So, I reckon that means we will share a blog topic once or twice a month, or something like that. A little background - this blog was started about 5 years ago (and Vic and The Deshazo did pressure me then!) to help keep me accountable for weight loss. It then just turned into something sort of fun.  


I'm not quite certain what happened to the Martin house in this last year. It's been full of so many changes and a whirlwind.  Things that haven't changed, however, are the obscene amounts of baked goods and candy corn that I can and have consumed.  I just cannot stop.  I've even started quizzing Liv on her spelling words before school and then rewarding her with candy corn at 7:30am so that I can grab an extra handful for myself as well.  I just want her to be fully awake at school, right? #noshame

I've found a new fall cake and Martinez and I are pretty obsessed with it. Bring on the pumpkin spice bundt cake.

And because I cannot stop baking things, Martinez's wishes were granted and the homemade cinnamon rolls I normally only make in the winter were prepared.


 For our 1st "Thoughtful Thursday", The DeShazo and I are answering some questions from a journal prompt we found.  


1.  Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?- Definitely closed. All the doors everywhere should be closed.  


2.  Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? -Only if it's high quality...but as a general rule...Nope.  That's just extra to unpack.


3.  Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? - Do people sleep with sheets tucked out????  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of "tucked"? Tuck those suckers in! 


4. Have you stolen a street sign before?- Nope


5.  Do you like to use post-it notes? - Heck, yes (at work)!  My boss, on more than one occasion, as advised me of the cost per post it note and has suggested I begin using other options.  It ain't happened yet. Grin.  I won't be grinning when he reads this though.  I'll probably come back to work with them all confiscated. But he doesn't know where I hide the backups.


6.  Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? - I used to do that.  


7.  Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? - Bear.  That story would make me sound so much interesting.


8.  Do you have freckles? -Not that eye can see. Hehehehe.  You got that right?  Eye....instead of "I". Anyone??


9.  Do you always smile for pictures? - Maybe?


10. What is your biggest pet peeve? - Lateness. Let's just be respectful and be on time.


11.  Do you ever count your steps when you walk? - Nope


12.  Have you peed in the woods? -Yep.  I lived in the country in Arkansas for 20 years. It's kind of a requirement in my mind. 


13.  Have you ever pooped in the woods? - I don't think so... but ya know.... I wouldn't say for no for sure.


14.  Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing? - Why yes, yes I do.  I have been trying to perfect my twerk for The DeShazo for years in our office.  There's rarely music when I make my attempts. 


15.  Do you chew your pens and pencils? - Yep


16.  What is your least favorite movie? - Probably a toss up between some Indian Jones movie with skulls spinning in circles that Kevin made me sit through at the theater years ago and any Matrix movie.  I just don't get them.

17.  What size is your bed?  -King


18.  What is your song of the week? - I've listened to Anthem Lights- 10,000 Reasons/What a Beautiful Name on repeat this week. Oh, and let's not forget that I listen to Deeper Than The Holler by Randy Travis pretty frequently.

19.  Is it ok for guys to wear pink? - Yep.  Why does anyone care?


20.  Do you still watch cartoons? - Yep....two little ones kinda force that on you.


Check out The DeShazo's blog here

Also, if you need a cute sign or shirt, check out her new Etsy shop here.


See ya next time !



Thursday, January 19, 2017

If A Genie Appeared....What Would You Wish For?

Hello !

People.....It's almost the weekend, right?

We are finally getting back in the swing of things from Christmas break.  I'm getting old.  Traveling wears me out. The packing- the unpacking- the organizing- the sleep deprivation.
Speaking of sleep deprivation....Is there some rule that when you hit 30 you can't sleep through the night anymore???  I've been struggling with this since the summer.
Anyone have any ideas of natural ways to help this??? I've tried the chamomile tea/honey stuff- and it doesn't work for me- and I hate the taste. And I'm not sure I'm willing to spend money on the essential oils ...but I'm not ruling it out either.
I've been desperate enough that I've taken Tylenol pm just to be able to sleep enough to function- but obviously that can't be a daily or really even a weekly remedy.  Martinez got me some zzzquil that is supposed to be non habit forming for me and it definitely helps- but I'm thinking it's habit forming.

Anyway, since the last post, we've been to AR and returned and started back to our weekly routines. Livi loved time with her cousins, grands and aunts and uncles.... Beckham cried a lot the first three days of the trip and then finally came around to realizing that he can in fact have fun, without being held....we visited...played fun games...and we were all glad to arrive home.  While we enjoyed seeing our people, it's fair to say that the weather sucked in AR that week and the warm sunshine the day we came home was just what these Martins needed.  When we got home, I had an overwhelming sense of happiness.  I'm not sure if it was the sunshine.... or knowing that I was going to be able to sleep in my own bed that night and that we had made it back safely...or if I'm just flat out certifiably crazy (which is probably the case)...but I just felt complete and happy.  Maybe after 9 and half years, I've accepted that Oklahoma is home.  It's about time.  Maybe in the next 9 and half years, I'll be able to drive around without getting lost. Probaby not.
I've made such awesome, lasting, friendships here- and found our church home of which we love and it makes all the difference.

I had told myself that I when we came home, I would slowly, over the next week, unpack gifts and take Christmas down.  Of course that didn't happen.  Please recall the certifiably crazy part of me.  Everything was done the day after we drove in....which also resulted in re-organizing the toys/purchasing toy storage/donating some toys/mopping/dusting/the works...and now I'm itching to get my hands on the attic. The entire time...I kept saying to myself, " just do a little a bit at a time"...but crazy Anna won!

A few photos from Christmas...

We started a tradition last year of thumbprint/handprint/footprint Christmas canvases. (I copied off Sheaffer Told Me To).

Here is ours from this Christmas...

Last year, we did a Christmas tree and snowmen.

To the folks that didn't want the snow a couple weeks ago, I'm sorry... I started praying for that early in the week and was so thankful for a snow day.  It was beautiful and perfect and we tried to make the most out of it. I was especially excited to have Livi home from school for an additional day.  I do feel bad for those who had to work. Sorry Martinez!

I just want to say that I didn't want the predicted ice storm last week (and thankfully nothing happened)- but again, I was excited to have Livi home an extra day.  We stayed in, played games, watched movies, painted- and Martinez and I even went on a date ! We totally have to start planning for those more.  We are both such home bodies though.

B can't be trusted with anything other than water on his brush.... don't judge me.

On to the Topic with The DeShazo...

If a genie appeared....what would you wish for?

There are no rules.  Where are the rules? Are there three wishes? Are they lasting wishes?  Are they personal wishes??????

1) I wish for freshly mopped floors, laundry completed, and dinner prepared DAILY before I return home each day.  (I realize this is three in one- but it's my wish, ok?)  Then, I can just play and talk to my kids and husband. Perfect.

2) I wish for beautiful, thick, and shiny hair.

3) I wish for coffee to magically appear in my cup each morning. (And thanks to my sister in law for sharing her portable french press at my inlaws...Martinez and I had an agreement that he would locate/fetch coffee for me each morning on the trip in exchange for me not packing my Keurig.  Brittany saved him a trip to the store and I am forever grateful for the coffee).

4) I wish for a Papa Angelo's to be put in Choctaw/Midwest City immediately.

5) I wish for my kids to always be happy and healthy. Always.

6) I wish for a singing voice.  You know, I'd like Steven Tyler to take me on tour.  It'd be great.

7) I wish for brownies, cookies and pizza to be calorie free.

8) I wish for my eyeliner to magically be tattood on.  I'm too chicken to actually do it.

9) I wish to be athletic.

10) I wish to be a nicer person.  My thoughts should be illegal. Maybe some of them are.

Check out The DeShazo's blog here.

A few photos from the week..

We LOVE to be outside !

Until Next Time.....