Thursday, January 19, 2017

If A Genie Appeared....What Would You Wish For?

Hello !

People.....It's almost the weekend, right?

We are finally getting back in the swing of things from Christmas break.  I'm getting old.  Traveling wears me out. The packing- the unpacking- the organizing- the sleep deprivation.
Speaking of sleep deprivation....Is there some rule that when you hit 30 you can't sleep through the night anymore???  I've been struggling with this since the summer.
Anyone have any ideas of natural ways to help this??? I've tried the chamomile tea/honey stuff- and it doesn't work for me- and I hate the taste. And I'm not sure I'm willing to spend money on the essential oils ...but I'm not ruling it out either.
I've been desperate enough that I've taken Tylenol pm just to be able to sleep enough to function- but obviously that can't be a daily or really even a weekly remedy.  Martinez got me some zzzquil that is supposed to be non habit forming for me and it definitely helps- but I'm thinking it's habit forming.

Anyway, since the last post, we've been to AR and returned and started back to our weekly routines. Livi loved time with her cousins, grands and aunts and uncles.... Beckham cried a lot the first three days of the trip and then finally came around to realizing that he can in fact have fun, without being held....we visited...played fun games...and we were all glad to arrive home.  While we enjoyed seeing our people, it's fair to say that the weather sucked in AR that week and the warm sunshine the day we came home was just what these Martins needed.  When we got home, I had an overwhelming sense of happiness.  I'm not sure if it was the sunshine.... or knowing that I was going to be able to sleep in my own bed that night and that we had made it back safely...or if I'm just flat out certifiably crazy (which is probably the case)...but I just felt complete and happy.  Maybe after 9 and half years, I've accepted that Oklahoma is home.  It's about time.  Maybe in the next 9 and half years, I'll be able to drive around without getting lost. Probaby not.
I've made such awesome, lasting, friendships here- and found our church home of which we love and it makes all the difference.

I had told myself that I when we came home, I would slowly, over the next week, unpack gifts and take Christmas down.  Of course that didn't happen.  Please recall the certifiably crazy part of me.  Everything was done the day after we drove in....which also resulted in re-organizing the toys/purchasing toy storage/donating some toys/mopping/dusting/the works...and now I'm itching to get my hands on the attic. The entire time...I kept saying to myself, " just do a little a bit at a time"...but crazy Anna won!

A few photos from Christmas...

We started a tradition last year of thumbprint/handprint/footprint Christmas canvases. (I copied off Sheaffer Told Me To).

Here is ours from this Christmas...

Last year, we did a Christmas tree and snowmen.

To the folks that didn't want the snow a couple weeks ago, I'm sorry... I started praying for that early in the week and was so thankful for a snow day.  It was beautiful and perfect and we tried to make the most out of it. I was especially excited to have Livi home from school for an additional day.  I do feel bad for those who had to work. Sorry Martinez!

I just want to say that I didn't want the predicted ice storm last week (and thankfully nothing happened)- but again, I was excited to have Livi home an extra day.  We stayed in, played games, watched movies, painted- and Martinez and I even went on a date ! We totally have to start planning for those more.  We are both such home bodies though.

B can't be trusted with anything other than water on his brush.... don't judge me.

On to the Topic with The DeShazo...

If a genie appeared....what would you wish for?

There are no rules.  Where are the rules? Are there three wishes? Are they lasting wishes?  Are they personal wishes??????

1) I wish for freshly mopped floors, laundry completed, and dinner prepared DAILY before I return home each day.  (I realize this is three in one- but it's my wish, ok?)  Then, I can just play and talk to my kids and husband. Perfect.

2) I wish for beautiful, thick, and shiny hair.

3) I wish for coffee to magically appear in my cup each morning. (And thanks to my sister in law for sharing her portable french press at my inlaws...Martinez and I had an agreement that he would locate/fetch coffee for me each morning on the trip in exchange for me not packing my Keurig.  Brittany saved him a trip to the store and I am forever grateful for the coffee).

4) I wish for a Papa Angelo's to be put in Choctaw/Midwest City immediately.

5) I wish for my kids to always be happy and healthy. Always.

6) I wish for a singing voice.  You know, I'd like Steven Tyler to take me on tour.  It'd be great.

7) I wish for brownies, cookies and pizza to be calorie free.

8) I wish for my eyeliner to magically be tattood on.  I'm too chicken to actually do it.

9) I wish to be athletic.

10) I wish to be a nicer person.  My thoughts should be illegal. Maybe some of them are.

Check out The DeShazo's blog here.

A few photos from the week..

We LOVE to be outside !

Until Next Time.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's Christmas break !!!! WOO HOOO. But this also means that I am a nauseous ball of nerves thinking about packing and traveling.  I wish it would just go away.  The worry of a car accident or something else awful will just not leave my brain and it's making me insane.

Good news! My old neighbor and friend Dicheal came and gave me wrapping lessons ! I think I've turned things around !! Thanks Dicheal !

Photos from the week.....

At her school Polar Express Christmas Party

We went to see Moana!  Such a cute movie !

Brownies, please!

I have not been diligent in my photo taking of Evie this week...

She also had a car race and brought ingredients to make Christmas crunch...but I can't seem to remember what else at the moment... and I can tell you that I'm starting to run out of Pinterest low key options.

The DeShazo and I won't be blogging for a couple of weeks, so we thought it would be fun to take a couple's survey for this week and see how well we do!

What is something I say all the time?  " I need to log some steps on my fitbit" ... "We need to get some steps in "..."We sit in these chairs all day.  It's ridiculous how much we don't move"
What makes me happy?    Being alone, cookie cake, peanut m & m's
How tall am I?   5'3"- I know we measured one day in our office and it took a few tries... I hope this is right.
What is my favorite thing to do?     Be alone :)
What do I do when no one is around?  Sit silently and think up things...and then binge watch tv.
If I ever become famous, what will it be for?  Blogging?  I have several other thoughts in mind, but I know better than to put them in writing !
What is my favorite food?  bratz & burgers & queso & chips?
What is my favorite restaurant?     Ted's & Queso's
If I could go anywhere, where would it be? Home
What is my favorite movie? Elf
You get a call that I’m in trouble.  Who am I with?  Me, Duh!  Or Jason.

So how did I do DeShazo?

We also decided to make some goals for 2017. I've only followed through one other time - in 2012 when I vowed to never be over 200 pounds again and lose weight. So 2017- bring it on !

We made resolutions for ourselves and then one for each other.


1) I want to lose 15 more pounds.  Let's be real- I need to lose another 30, but I'm not gonna work out to do it.  I'd rather clean toilets that don't belong to me than to do that.
2) Quit the skipping of church service. After I had B and was bf, it became a habit to leave church after SS so that I could pump.....but it stayed around.  That extra hour was so nice that we just sort of let it happen too much.  We've been trying to rectify the error of our ways, but we could get better.  There's no excuse. We know better.  I don't want to put a number on it....but I'm saying no more than 10 skips this year.  I can see some of ya'll's eyes  are popping out of your heads because you can't fathom how we can even miss that much.  Keep your judgments to yourselves! Vacations, sick days with kids- it can add up quickly.  This goal is to keep us from lazily skipping service.

3) Daily Bible Reading - The DeShazo and I are going to read Jesus Is Calling this year.  I've seen posts about how this is a bad devotional book- and I've seen posts raving about it. We shall see.

4) The DeShazo and I have talked for a few years about copying Mix and Match Mama's Holiday Party.  We are making that party happen December 2017.

5) I never remember in time to do Christmas cards.  I'll also confess that sometimes I just haven't wanted too- but 2017- I'm making the effort.

6) Spend less money on material things for my kids and more on experiences for them.

7) Manage my time a little more efficiently at home- which means phone time needs to cease.

8) Clean out the attic.  It's scary up there.

9) Potty train Beckham. I've been warned by many that the little fellas aren't as easy to potty train as girls- so I'm trying to prepare myself that I may not make it before age two like Livi- but I'm still going to make the effort.

10)  Work out 10 minutes a week.  This is from The Deshazo.  I tried to convince her to do 10 minutes a month- but I failed. She also advised that cleaning house didn't count- because we used to text each other early in the morning to get up and work out- and while she was exercising I was mopping floors.

Check out The DeShazo's blog here.

Until Next Time....